Our Services to Inform & Support

Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic on ways of working and work-life balance, more and more organisations recognise the benefits of having accessible wellbeing and mental health support in place for their staff, to enable them to work safely, be their best and part of an inclusive culture.

With one in four people having experienced some kind of childhood trauma, labelled under the ‘mental health’ category in the Equality Act 2010, it is likely that some of your staff or close family are survivors. Often not declared or shared due to fear of stigmatisation and discrimination, survivors may have a combination of issues such as low self-esteem, low self-worth and or anxiety all of which will have an impact on their confidence, creativity, capacity and potential.

We can support you in creating an inclusive culture and consistent approach to support these individuals and raise awareness, so that you can enable them to lead productive and healthy effective working lives.

Raising organisational awareness – Chris Tuck shares her lived experience, personal journey and positive lessons learned in the workplace. This can be delivered virtually as a one-off session or with breakout discussion groups.

Creating an inclusive culture – Chris Tuck can facilitate small group discussions to enable people to share their stories and learn from each other, in a confidential environment.

Development for staff – SOB can provide virtual and safe face to face (when appropriate) short learning modules to provide the understanding, tools and practice of self-care for survivors. Informed by our CLEANER Programme.

Development for managers – SOB can provide management guidance on how to provide emotional and motivational support to enable survivors to positively contribute to increased productivity and creativity.

Development of support networks – Working with your staff to enable them to set up appropriate and safe networks, linking into recognised resources.

How SOB can help you

Chris has collaborated with other specialist support services professionals to develop a suite of workshops under the ‘breaking the cycle’™ umbrella which will help you identify where you are now, identify who you want to be, identify where you want to go with your life, identify what is holding you back and will show you how to get there. The programme is unique; in the fact it is holistic in nature and uses an integrated mindset, nutrition, fitness and stress management approach to achieve this.

SOB’s purpose is to restore adult victims/survivors of child abuse to full health & wellness so that they can lead a fulfilling and happy life

S.O.B is about empowering victims & survivors of abuse to fulfil their potential by rebuilding their mental, emotional & physical health to be able to lead a happier and healthier life. A life that individuals who have not been abused as a child often take for granted.