#WorldMentalHealthDay 2020 sees the launch of ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ Audio Book!

#WorldMentalHealthDay 2020 sees the launch of ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ Audio Book!

Chris published her autobiography Through The Eyes Of A Child in Sept 2013 as a hard copy. This was then made available on kindle and now as an audiobook.

In 2016 Chris tried to make her book an audiobook but found it a very challenging thing to do. Chris said, “Every time I came to a point in my lived experiences that are still raw and have not been dealt with I couldn’t read the words without becoming extremely emotional.”

Chris decided to ask her friend Jenni Steele to narrate her book for her. Over 3 days they recorded the book at Croydon Radio Station and then Chris was faced with many technical challenges ‘how do you turn recordings into a book?’ Chris spent many months trying to find someone else to edit the recordings for her and compile it into an audiobook.

At the request of the editor, Chris had to find a piece of music that could be used to break up the content of the audiobook. Simon Flynn composed the piano music that was used exclusively for the audiobook.

Like writing the original book with the ghostwriter Karen Laing the audiobook was a labour of love and cost money to create. Chris had to do this in a piecemeal manner, as and when she had the funds to do so.

Once the recording was ready it was decided to keep the recording until it felt right to release it.

Well, that time is now!

World Mental Health Day 2020.

Why now?

2020 has been a hard year for many people because of Covid19. Domestic violence, child abuse and neglect cases have skyrocketed in the UK and around the world during the pandemic and lockdown. People are losing their incomes, their homes, more and more families are visiting food banks and this is having a huge impact on the family’s mental, emotional & physical health.

Through The Eyes Of A Child clearly shows through the lived experiences of Dave, Chris, Diane & Mick and how domestic violence, child abuse and neglect impacts mental and physical health of the individuals for a lifetime.

The book also offers hope to victims and survivors of adversity in how they can move on from their pain, by breaking the cycle and being able to live their lives to the full.

Chris would love you to listen to the audiobook – leave a testimonial and share this post far and wide.

Not only will it help victims and survivors understand that what they went through is not their fault; it also clearly shows how they have responded to their trauma is normal! it will help everyone understand how prevalent and how damaging not tackling child abuse can be.

Chris says “Please have a listen, please share and let’s stop brushing these taboo subjects under the carpet. We must start having open, honest and transparent ‘conversations’ about domestic violence, child abuse and the lifetime impact of these abuses. We need to better protect and support the individuals that have experienced abuse or currently going through it and we need to work towards a zero-tolerance to child abuse.”

5.0 out of 5 stars The Art of Survival in a child’s world

I couldn’t put this book down. I also had a traumatic childhood & Chris Tuck has summed up my feelings also in her wording. It didn’t make me sad it actually validated that I had quite normal feelings. Which made me feel sane. I admire the writer & her attitude to life and making the best of it. Despite the pitiful beginning she had, she had come through as a survivor and even more as a thrivor. Thank you for an inspiring & thoughtful read.

Malakh5.0 out of 5 stars Chris Tuck engages with you as the child who has Chris Tuck engages with you as the child who has endured so much abuse at the hands of her biological parents and step-parents. The severe harm that these adults put her and her siblings through, was indeed criminal. Not only were they failed by them but by their teachers, doctors, social workers and then the police again and again. You feel the difficulties that Chris and her siblings have experienced; even as adults as they’ve all struggled to get their lives together whilst they cope with lack of self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem that was never shown to them as children. I was also moved by the letters from Chris’s siblings at the end of the book who also share their account of this journey.

Here is the link to the audiobook.


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