***NEW*** SOB ‘breaking the cycle ‘ Charity Pins


Support SOB by purchasing one of our lovely ‘breaking the cycle ‘ Charity Pins.

The jigsaw pin signifies that as a survivor of childhood trauma from mental, physical, sexual abuse and or domestic violence our lives, our health has been broken into pieces. The abuse we suffered as children / adolescents / young adults has impacted our mental health, our physical health and our emotional health.

SOB is about rebuilding you piece by piece through its trademarked ‘C.L.E.A.N.E.R Living Therapy Programme’.

The SOB charity is part of the solution for your recovery to full health.

For a small investment of £3.00 plus £1.00 for PP and PayPal fees you can be the proud owner of the SOB pin. Wear this pin with pride and as a reminder that you are rebuilding your mental, your physical and your emotional self on a daily basis.

Someone else may have been responsible for breaking you into pieces BUT you are rebuilding yourself piece by piece to become whole again!

You are a survivor!

Thank you for your support!

SOB Trustees

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