WorkItOut Press Release

UK Fitness Industry National Fundraiser WorkItOut supporting Survivors of Abuse

World Mental Health Awareness Day – 10th October 2016

Fitness professionals throughout the UK are being invited to get behind the WorkItOut fundraiser being held on Mental Health Awareness Day on 1Oth October to raise vital funds to support adult survivors of abuse.

Chris Tuck who helped her own recovery from childhood abuse through de-stressing the body, positive mindset, fitness and nutrition founded the charity Survivors of Abuse (S.O.B) to make this support available to other adult survivors.

The scale of abuse in the UK is only just being fully realised. S.O.B is the only organisation in the UK to support adult survivors in this way. As part of mental health awareness day fitness professionals are being asked to donate the proceeds from one of their classes from Monday 10 October (or any date that week) to help the charity support survivors through its workshops.

The link between exercise and mental health is well documented; it’s a natural anti-depressant and given Chris’ background as health and fitness coach it’s an extremely relevant and appropriate appeal.

To find out more and download materials to get involved please visit Http://

Press contact: Diane Sealey, Fibre PR, email: mobile: 07798 524846

About Chris Tuck

Chris Tuck is an adult survivor of childhood abuse. As a survivor of all forms of childhood abuse and neglect Chris knows how challenging it is to lead a normal everyday life. With a background in accountancy Chris re-trained as a health coach because of the problems she faced as a result of the abuse she had suffered. Chris has been a Health Coach since 2003 and has worked within the Priory Group delivering fitness programmes to inpatients under the Nice guidelines for depression and in the local community as a Health & Wellness Coach. Chris now raise awareness about the effects of child abuse on the victims/ survivors’ mental, emotional & physical health, she is a regular speaker/presenter on TV & at national and regional conferences, events & is a member of the VSCP on the National Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

About Survivors of Abuse S.O.B

The mission of S.0.B is to empower adult victims/survivors to transform their lives holistically through mindset, nutrition and fitness. SOB supports adult victim/survivors who have experienced any form of the following,

Individually or collectively:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect

Helping adult victims and survivors transform their lives


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