Workshop – Releasing the Shame™

Releasing The Shame™ Workshop 1

This workshop covers the following:-

• Discover why you feel the shame from childhood abuse
• Recognise the symptoms of shame that you hold now as an adult
• Learn how to release it, move on from it and live your life in the here and now

‘breaking the cycle ’™ Workshop Content

• Explain the problems / challenges we face as a victim / survivor of childhood abuse
• Explain the reasons why we feel the way we do as a victim / survivor of childhood abuse – scientific research / how the brain is affected / 5 F’s
• Discuss solutions & strategies & practical advice to deal with the challenges we face as a victim / survivor of childhood abuse

Workshops – these workshops can be run individually or as a series (course) and they build upon each other.

Our purpose is to help restore you to full health & wellness so that you can lead a fulfilling and happy life. You will understand that what happened to you is not your fault.

Through this workshop you will learn how to release the shame of childhood abuse. This will enable you to evolve and move onto the next workshop which is all about rebuilding your self esteem. Once you have dealt with your thoughts & feelings the next workshop, in the series is about showing you how to look after & nurture yourself through nutrition & fitness.

These programmes are all about empowering you to fulfil your potential by rebuilding your mental, emotional & physical health, one piece at a time.

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